Thursday, March 12, 2009

So I Figured Out How to Know If I Have Missed a Pill

Most of the time I cant remember if I have taken my pill for the day or not.

I have a hard time remembering what I am doing while Im doing it, so its hard to remember what I did 5 mins ago or even longer.

I usually take it, but just didnt have a way of know for sure.

I tried making a slash on the calander, but then I would forget to make the slash, so that turned out to be totally pointless. I also need to know what day it was if I did miss so I can tell the study.

I have figured out a way that will work with my memory problem.

  • I get 3 bottles of pills at every visit.
  • I open 2 bottles at one time.
  • I count out the pills for the month.
  • I put those in one bottle and all the rest in the other bottle.

This way if I cant remember if I took my pill, all I have to do is count the pills in the bottle. If I have 1 too many then I know I forgot to take it.

This is very helpful and helps me tremendously.

May not make sense to everyone, but it works for me.





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