Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hi, Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Penelope.

I’ve only been diagnosed with MS for less than a year at this writing, but boy has it been a long year. I know that I have had it longer then when I was diagnosed because of things that happened previously. I am on a clinical trial for fingolimod which is a pill. I am in the 3rd stage of the trial. I officially started receiving the drug in May of this year.

A little about me.

I’m originally from Gulfport, Mississippi but I have been back and forth from coast to coast. My travels began when I joined the US Air Force. That took me from Texas, to California, back to Mississippi, then last stop in Georgia. After that I left the service to move back to California to become an actress. Los Angeles was interesting to say the least. Hollywood turned out to be too much like high school politics so I decided I was done. Before I could leave, however, I met my soulmate. I stay a year longer and then we moved to Tennessee together. It has nice weather and is a lot cheaper.

After a year here in TN, I was diagnosed with MS. This really makes you sit down and evaluate your life. You realize you may be doing things that don’t make you happy or fulfilled. I decide I was going to pursue my dream of writing and inspiring people. My first book is due out in Dec. It is a dating guide for guys. That one is for all the guys who told me all my life I should write all my advice down. The second is due out in Feb 2009 and is an inspirational and humor book about cats. It’s meant to make you laugh and smile. I also have many more ideas for more books. It just seems to flow which makes me believe even more that I am on the right path in life.



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