Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting Started

After they got all the stuff back and I got approved, they set up my 2 day appointment. You have to be observed for 2 days in a row. They reimburse you for the hotel, which its been since May and we still havent got our money back. So we booked the hotel, my husband got the days off and we made our way down there.

By the way on a side note, Coke World is in Atlanta if anyone goes. My husband is obsessed because the have this certain kind of soda you can only get in Germany there. We have been almost every time we have gone.

We get down there super early. I start off all good. Pee in the cup, they take my blood, I see the study doctor and the blind doctor. Do some other tests, Get my holter monitor put on and then finally the pill taking time come. She pops open the bottle pours out the pill into her hand and then my heart just dropped!

They were RED!

Im allergic to red dye and severely allergic. I get food poisoning like effects. I came all this way and now I was going to be disqualified because of the stupid capsule they have to put it in. Why do companies need to do this? It really pisses me off.

So they tried to look it up and make phone calls, but couldn't get anyone. So they told me that there was another study for a pill that I could do if this one doesnt work out but I would have to start all the tests over again because its a seperate study.

Great! I really contimplated what I was going to do. I don't want to do the tests all over again but I CAN'T take a shot. I was so upset. We popped off the monitor and left for Coke World. On the way home they gave me a call telling me it is not red dye. Its that stuff that is in heart burn medicine that ends in oxide that is just naturally redish in appearance. But the window had passed so we had to reschedule.

Two weeks later we would have to come back and do it all over again. We had to wait two weeks, so the month would be a new and my husband would have more days to take off. My mom offered to come and take me, but I really can't be away from my husband in these kinds of moments. Its cheesy, but he is my rock and keeps me from freaking out. Plus she ended up having to come up and stay with our daughter cause she had state testing.


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