Thursday, December 18, 2008

2 day first day

So we came back for the 2 day start. They said that they would reimburse us for the hotel, but we have yet to get it. We checked into our favorite line of hotels, Country Inn & Suites, which turned out to be an express version aimed at business people and really sucked for that chain. The usually have fresh baked cookies in the lobby. This one had what looked like store bought cookies and they were tiny. They normally have hot breakfast, but this place had stuff you could pop in the microwave and bagels and that was about it.

The first day we got there butt early in the morning so they could do all these tests and visit with both doctors so at about noon, they put on the monitor and gave me my first pill. They told me not to fall asleep because apparently low heart rate is one of the side effects they look for while they monitor you and being asleep can make you heart rate go down. So I brought my game boy and my laptop and tried to stay awake. My husband slept, but I didnt blame him. He was the one that drove us all the way there. They would come into the room every hour and take my blood pressure.

I never had anything happen that should have happened if I were really on the pill which is why I believe I am on placebo. I was there until 5 or 6 pm I think and then I was released to go to the hotel. They gave me everyone's phone number in case there was an emergancy. They really are good people that really seem to care.

We went to the hotel and checked in and then got lost trying to find somewhere to eat. When we got back to the hotel I pretty much crashed. I was very tired. Trying to sleep with a holter monitor on is not very easy or comfortable so I was glad to be so tired to not notice it. They told us we didnt need to come back until lunch time the next day.

The next day when we went back, they did more tests and checks and watched me take the pill. Oh and incase I forgot to mention, if you are a girl, you will have to pee in a cup EVERYTIME you go in. They have to make sure you are not pregnant. I have been on Depo so long I wouldnt count on it, but I still have to take the test. Its quite annoying. I wish they could just take it from the ton of blood they take every visit.

Since I wasnt showing any side effects they said it was going to be a short day. At the 24hr point with my monitor, they took it off, gave me my box of pills and a niffty calander/planner with stickers talored to the program. Like MRI, and all the other test you have to do. You get 3 months worth of pills at a time but they have a few extra in the bottle just in case there is a reason you cant get in on time to see them. You bring the whole box to every appointment and dont take the pill on test days until after you get there and they do all there bloodwork and tests.

You have to keep up with any days you miss pills, any meds you take, and you cant take steriods. Well you can, but it has to go through them. If its not a common over the counter thing I either call or email to find out. There is lots of paper work to read and inital too.

After all that was done, they snuck me out the side door. They want everyone else to be non bias about what is going on and not know enough to form an opinion of whether you are on the pill or not. They said they would pretend to check up on me as the day went on. So we were on our way back home. We were glad to leave early and beat all the traffic home. There is always traffic in Atlanta but some times are really bad.


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