Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I accidentally took 2 pills yesterday!

I take my clinical drug, cinnamon, cranberry everyday.

2 cinnamon, 2 cranberry, and 1 clinical drug pill.

Well somehow, I took out 2 clinical drug pills and downed them. I realized this as I was swallowing so there wasn't much I could do about it. Except make myself puke. Just for those that want to know, I hate puking almost as much as I hate needles.

I realized as in mid swallow that the pills felt way to sall to be either of the other products. But it took that information too long to process that they were down the hatch and gone.

I put a note in my calandar that I took 2.

You have to keep up with any pills you miss, or in my case when you take 2, and if you start or stop any other medications. You also have to keep up with any conditons that come up, but thus far, Ive only had a cold since I started this drug.

Another reason I think Im on placebo. Ive always had an exceptional immune system and this drug is suppose to take that down a notch. I have only had 1 cold and that was my husband's fault. He was convienced it was just allergies so I didnt avoid kissing him and drinking after him and next thing you know we both have it.

So I dind it humorous and think Im so brilliantly clutsy and just thought I would share that with you all.


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