Friday, January 2, 2009

So my crazy hearburn is back.

Every so often I get this crazy heartburn for a few weeks. Then its gone and I'm OK for several months. I don't get this heartburn and neither do the docs.

It starts our on a small level, which at that time I take some antacid and normally it would go away. Then there will be time where it just keeps coming no matter what I take. Even the types of medicine that you take regularly to make it not happen, like Prilosec and the like.

I call it crazy because it feels sorta like heartburn but on the right side of my chest not the left near my heart. There really just isn't anything over there. I think that's the part that makes me sound like a hypochondriac when I talk to the docs. Trust me, I am anything but. I am usually the last to go to the doctor thinking oh, its just nothing.

It doesn't hurt to breath, or move. In fact walking seems to help. Its doing anything remotely comfortable that makes it worse. I will get out and walk around, if its day time, and think oh I'm feeling better and can rest now, then bamm, its right back. It really sucks at night especially the early morning around 2am when its to dark to go walking and the drive to Walmart would just kill me. I live out in the middle of no where so everything is a trek. It gets incredibly boring walking around your house. I am thinking about getting a treadmill so at least I can watch TV and walk and maybe not be so bored with it.

Heat seems to help to. I usually get in the shower until the water runs cold which helps. Its not a cure but is sure feels better. I've tried using a heating pad, but its not very convenient. Its size is awkward and I don't really want the heat other than in one spot. I wish they made small round heating pads for spot treatments. lol.

Rubbing my back in the upper right area around where my scapula is helps too. I don't know why but it really seems to help. Also patting the area both back and front.

I have seen docs about it and most just want to recommend some type of diet suggestions or a Prilosec type drug. Ive tried to relate it to some sort of food, but nothing really seems to stand out. I get it no matter what I had for dinner or desert.

I have had a chest scan and nothing was there so there is no growth or anything like that. I'm not having any kind of breathing problems so its nothing with my lungs. Ive had too many lung tests so I'm sure they would have found something by now if it were related to my lungs.

I'm keeping yet another log to see if there is any correlation between anything. I have heard from some folks of a thing called the MS hug, but my symptoms don't really seem to match up with any of those from people I have talked to. Mine is pretty localized to one specific area..


Anonymous,  January 10, 2009 at 2:28 PM  

"seems to help to"?

You illiterate fuck, "too" is not the same as "to".

You really are a jackass.

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